Sex Sells or Selling Sex?

Why is it nowadays that in order to sell a product, advertisements must have almost-naked, over-sexualized women often performing actions irrelevant towards the actual product? When I think of advertisements that fit this description, my mind immediately turns to the Carls Jr. commercials:

Seriously? What does Paris Hilton wearing a skimpy little outfit and seductively washing a car have ANYTHING to do with a burger?

Advertisements have been using this go-to approach to selling a product for years. Not only is it degrading to women, but it also shows and influences women to behave in similar ways in order to be sexy and appeal to men.

While this tactic is not used in the Dr. Pepper 10 commercial, it highlights another form of sexism that is so prevalent in our media. The idea that “sex sells” has gone too far and it’s brings up the idea that advertisers today have taken that phrase to a new level and are now selling sex.


One thought on “Sex Sells or Selling Sex?

  1. I completely agree with this post! Why is it that sex sells? Society has put this image of what is beautiful in our heads and ads of sexy, half-naked women contribute to that image! Great post! I with you 100% !!!

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