I’m a public relations and advertising student at Chapman University. I have always considered myself to be a devout believer in gender equality but after taking an Introduction to Women’s Studies class this semester, I am proud to call myself a feminist. Throughout my studies and observations as an advertising student, it has become impossible not to acknowledge the great role sexism plays in the industry. There are many ways advertisers incorporate sexism into their campaigns because, after all, “sex sells.” While it is impossible for me to single-handedly abolish sexism in advertising, I aim to use this blog to raise awareness towards this issue while also trying to accomplish an actual change towards my cause and hopefully inspire others to take action in the same manner.

One of the most offensive and outrageous advertising campaigns currently circulating in the media is Dr. Pepper’s Ten campaign: a diet soda so dedicated towards reaching the male demographics that advertiser’s claim in their tagline that the soda is “not for women.” The belief that women can not handle such an “intense” beverage is atrocious and is belittling to the entire female population. The goal of this blog is to convince James Trebilcock, Executive Vice President of Marketing for Dr. Pepper, to pull the advertisement from circulation and formally apologize for its sexist campaign.


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